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Why do GRP Industriesʼ enclosures offer better protection and durability than Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) enclosures?

by Mandeep Singh, Chief Operating Officer. 08 January 2018

Advanced composite materials can offer a range of advantages, which have made them desirable in many high-performance applications..

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Why is GRP Industries going Digital?

by Sree Andrews, Head-Digital Marketing. 27 April 2017

We launched our new website in February 2017. Why did we launch a new website? It’s simply because we needed to provide our customers with comprehensive company and product information in a clear..

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The NEW’s finally here.

by Suneel Aggarwal, CEO. 1 February 2017

We live in a digital world; one that is filled with websites, apps and social media. A world where corporations and people are experienced and judged by their online face (who has the time to visit and meet anymore?).

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