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Vision, Mission & Values


We envision to protect each & every equipment installed outdoors with a GRP Industries’ product.


To build the best product, use business to inspire and implement solutions while offering the customer the highest grade of service, selection, quality and value. To do this, we have established a culture that supports our team members, so they can provide exceptional service to our customers.


GRP industries enjoys a strong reputation for Integrity and commitment across our customers. Our core values are designed to help each one of us meet that obligation. We believe that when we apply these values in our everyday work, our company is positioned for success.


Grow our business responsibly by seeking new markets and products to serve new customers while increasing profitability.


Quality is checked in two stages; internally at every step of the manufacturing process and externally from 3rd party international quality control laboratories. Quality certifications are kept up-to date without fail.

Ethics and Conduct

Every employee of GRP is responsible for following the business ethics conduct guidelines laid down. They make sure that every action and decision taken at work comply with this value and demonstrates honesty, integrity, commitment and trust.

Respect and Dignity

Employees, customers and suppliers are treated with due respect and value which facilitates a positive and productive environment.

Customer Satisfaction

Provide an experience of high quality products and services at a fair price to our customers. Our highest desire is to gain total customer satisfaction, confidence, and enthusiasm. We hope to build reliability, trust, and friendships to ensure healthy long-term alliances.


We believe that teamwork increases efficiency, creativity, and synergy. Promoting a sense of equity & achievement which is essential for a motivated workplace.

Safety and Health

Create a safe working environment for employees, sub-contractors and others affected by our work; which has the mandatory safety gear available at all times and is free of accidents.


Constant pursuit of innovating products and services through improving technology and imbibing new process methodologies.

Corporate Responsibility

GRP believes in being responsible in the societies it operates in by indulging in activities which focus on employment, the environment and community economic development.